EERSF Donors Assembly (DA) was carried out on September 15, 2015

On the 15th of September 2015 an extraordinary session of EERSF Donor’s Assembly was held in the Ministry of Energy. Agenda of the session included the following topics: Approval of EERSF’s Activity Report; Approval of EERSF’s budget performance report as of June 10, 2015; Approval of Fund’s targets and tasks for subsequent period; Approval of… Read more

Donors campaign

The Management Board of EERSF announces the start of a donors’ campaign for gathering of donations in favor of the Fund, which will provide the right of voting and participation in the Donor’s Assembly. The term for gathering of donations is from July 14, 2015 to September 14, 2015. Address for applications: 4 “Kuzman Shapkarev”… Read more

Information workshops from SEDA’s (Sustainable Energy Development Agency) campaign for creation of prerequisites for introduction of new financial tools – WHITE CERTIFICATES FOR ENERGY SAVINGS

SEDA organized 6 information workshops in the six planning regions in Bulgaria, which was a part of the campaign on introduction of White certificates for energy savings. Through organizing of specialized information workshops in six big Bulgarian cities, SEDA’s campaign aims to stimulate participation in this mechanism not just of the obliged by the Energy… Read more

Energy efficiency reconstruction of student hostel buildings – University of National and World Economy – blocks № 9, 26, 38 and 40A

The programme “Intelligent Energy – Europe” financed project EESI2020 – “European Energy Service Initiative 2020” in order to provide information and support of European cities and regions for introduction of ESCO contracts in their energy schemes. For this purpose, training of experts in the scope of energy services as independent consultants on ESCO projects is… Read more