Information workshops from SEDA’s (Sustainable Energy Development Agency) campaign for creation of prerequisites for introduction of new financial tools – WHITE CERTIFICATES FOR ENERGY SAVINGS

SEDA organized 6 information workshops in the six planning regions in Bulgaria, which was a part of the campaign on introduction of White certificates for energy savings.

Through organizing of specialized information workshops in six big Bulgarian cities, SEDA’s campaign aims to stimulate participation in this mechanism not just of the obliged by the Energy Efficiency Act parties, but all others parties concerned, that desire to invest in energy efficiency and improving their life quality.

The six information workshops were carried out in Pleven, Plovdiv, Rouse, Varna, Bourgas, Sofia in May, 2015.

The main topics were as follows:

  • “A model for applying of white certificates trading in Bulgaria: A tool for achievement of energy savings, key advantages”
  • “Competitive European industry, Energy efficiency directive – Bulgarian specificity”
  • “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources Fund – a partner in financing of projects for energy efficiency improvement”