The Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Fund and the Energetics and Energy Savings Fund SPV Signed an Agreement for the First Portfolio Guarantee in Bulgaria

ESCO Portfolio Guarantees – BEEF undertakes the financial risk of the ESCO by guaranteeing that it will cover the first 5% of defaults in the flow of receivables of the ESCO.

First Portfolio Guarantee for Bulgaria – signed between BEEF and Energetics and Energy Savings Fund SPV (EESF) on the 14th of April, 2008.

  • BEEF guarantees that it will cover up to 5% of the defaults of the delayed payments of an approved project portfolio;
  • With this guarantee, the ESCO gets better interest rates on its debt with commercial banks and has a piece of mind that there is 5% failsafe trigger that will prevent cash flow disruptions and will reduce the risk of the clients;
  • The covered portfolio amounts to BGN 16 million with a guarantee of BGN 800 000 on behalf of BEEF.