Completed projects and projects under implementation in Burgas Municipality

Minister Sergei Ignatov during his official visit in the region, along with the Mayor Dimitar Nikolov cut the ribbon for completion of the renovated Kindergarten № 14 “Sunrise.”

Kindergarten № 14 “Sunrise” is fully renovated, all old windows replaced with new ones, renovation of all interiors including bathrooms. Roof of administrative building was renovated – entirely replaced, strengthened and equipped with trim, it’s façade was also renovated. Heating system was modernized. There was a new paved playground with artificial grass built and combined devices for football and basketball. The speech therapist cabinet is newly furnished and equipped, it provides childcare for 11 kindergardens. There were invested BGN 370,000, provided by The Ministry of Education and Science, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources Fund and Burgas Municipality.

On the Day of National Leaders – 1rst of November, the fully renovated № 12 “Joy” Kindergarten was opened. The kindergarten in situated in the downtown of Burgas in “Vyzrajdane” residential quarter and it is one of the oldest in town. It will meet its 65 year anniversary with fully renovated pavilions and contemporary energy efficiency measures. The renovation costs up to BGN 200 000 and is provided by the Municipality of Burgas and Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources Fund.

Both buildings have been completely renovated. There were hydro and thermal insulation of external walls and roof performed and new windows. Repairs are carried out in the premises for play and recreation and furniture was replaced with new one. Buildings were gasified, fitted with new gas boiler, fitted with new panel radiators. Old tiled stoves of the garden are history already. In the garden was installed modern energy monitoring system that will monitor energy flows in the premises in order to save electricity and gas. This renovation allowed the garden to open another 1 group of 30 children, together with the children of “Joy” Kindergarten there are already 272, divided into 8 groups.

In the beginning of November, Burgas Municipality completed the equipment of “Boycho Brunzov” sporting hall with new flooring. It is made with the highest quality material and its price is BGN 50 000. After windows were replaced with new ones last year, a completely thorough renovation is planned this year.
The Mayor of Burgas, Mr. Nikolov announced that early next year begins the external thermal insulation of the building, together with renovation of heating and ventilation system. These energy efficiency measures are financed by KIDS Fund and “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources Fund”.