The Management board of EERSF announces the beginning of Donors Campaign

In reference to the scheduled Donor’s Assembly for 10th of December 2013, the Management board of EERSF announces the beginning of Donors Campaign to raise donations that provide the right to participate in the Donors Assembly.

The deadline for fundraising is from 04.11.2013 to 06.12.2013.

The address for submission of applications is Sofia 1000, Kuzman Shapkarev No 4


  • A donation of BGN 1000 will provide you with the right of 1 vote in EERSF Donors Assembly and will allow you to be represented in EERSF Management Board. This way you are supporting the development of energy efficiency investment policy.
  • The cost of donations, amounting up to 10% of the profit is tax deductible when made ​​in favor of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources Fund (according to Art. 31/1/, item 16 in Corporate Income Taxation Law)
  • If you are a person liable under Art. 10, § 1, item 1 of the Energy Efficiency Act, donations to EERSF will demonstrate your willingness to achieve your individual goals for energy saving.
  • You will help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and thus assist in the achievement of European Commission objective, known as the 20-20-20 plan, which provides up to 2020, 20% of energy can be saved with energy efficiency and 20% to be produced from renewable energy sources.
  • You will demonstrate your active approach towards problems of preventing climate change and support ecological improvement in Bulgaria.